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Charles A. Ray, Jr.

“One of the principles that guides me in both my personal and professional life comes from my parents. My father often said that ignoring a problem does not make it go away. My mother would add that ignoring a problem simply makes it worse. Procrastination strikes and sometimes seems to take up permanent residence in all of us. This is particularly true with our business affairs, especially our tax debts.”
—Charles A. Ray, Jr.

Depend on a highly experienced and credentialed tax attorney in Washington, DC, when you need legal assistance. Charles A. Ray, Jr. practices law in the District of Columbia and Maryland. He specializes in representing clients in tax controversy, domestic and international commercial transactions, and other tax-related issues. When you hear from the IRS and you don’t know what to do, trust our tax law firm for prompt and effective legal services.

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Firm Overview

We under promise and over deliver. The Tax Law Firm of Charles A. Ray, Jr. represents individuals and businesses all over the United States, not just in Washington, D.C. The firm thrives not only because of satisfied clients and its reputation for success, but also because of referrals from other attorneys who know and trust the quality of Charles A. Ray, Jr.’s work.

We deliver personal attention to our clients by listening, remaining accessible, and promptly responding to their needs. We are selective about the cases we accept to ensure the consistent delivery of exceptional service and personal commitment to each case.

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