Get Back on Track with Unfiled Tax Return Help

Unfiled Tax Returns

Wage garnishment is one of the most devastating events in the IRS’s arsenal for collecting delinquent taxes. Not only does it potentially embarrass the taxpayer, but also, more importantly, totally disrupts the entire lives of the taxpayer and the taxpayer’s family. Generally, before wage garnishment the IRS has sent several letters to taxpayers seeking to collect the tax. Ignoring these letters is not uncommon, but it does not make the IRS go away. In fact, wage garnishment continues each pay period until the tax is paid, unless the taxpayer gets relief from the garnishment.

Relief from wage garnishment is available. Often it can be obtained within 48 hours of contacting a competent tax professional. In all cases, the speed of relief is determined by the willingness and ability of the taxpayer to provide to the tax professional relevant financial information.