Success Stories

Clients Success Stories

Charles Ray was highly recommended by a family friend, and he did not disappoint. He was a skilled and vigorous representative throughout the federal Offer in Compromise process, and successfully negotiated my OIC for a substantially- reduced amount of my tax debt. Charles secured a very favorable final settlement, and it was the best possible outcome for me. Charles Ray is an experienced, deft attorney with an empathetic yet professional manner that I find super reassuring during a stressful process. Moreover, his rates are competitive.

LH, New York

I have had the pleasure of Mr. Charles handling a very important correction. There was open communication continuously throughout the job that took one year to resolve. Keep in mind through no fault of his own in the least. He never got annoyed no matter how often I called, always explaining to me the process and how he would handle the issues in detail.He is thorough, honest, and has integrity. More importantly I was/am more than satisfied with the results of my case. And might I add Kim was just as accommodating throughout my whole problem that my previous accountant caused. Thank you once again Mr. Charles and i will use no one other than you if other issues arise


Mr. Charles Ray was hired to take and look into my companies corporate taxes and to clearly have me separated from the corporate liability personally. Well the debt remained with the company and I was separated not held personally responsible for the trust fund penalties that could have been assessed to me as the owner of the company. Without his work and expertise in this matter I don’t know what I would have done. I’m so satisfied with the overall results and outcome of the matter. I highly recommend counsel to anyone who has a business and or personal tax matter that needs attention to.


Facing a daunting challenge regarding a lingering tax burden due now several years old, I was referred by my CPA to Mr. Ray based specifically on his experience in dealing directly & effectively with the IRS. Once engaged, Mr. Ray worked diligently on my behalf to review the issue and negotiate the best outcome possible with my interests in mind. I was very pleased with the results he was able to achieve in the shortest possible timeframe to finally resolve this outstanding issue which allowed me to move forward without this burden in tow any longer. Thanks again Mr. Ray for your diligent support.


Mr. Ray is an excellent attorney which is hard to find these days. He helped me with an IRS tax liability problem. He was informed, connected and responsive to my concerns throughout the process of resolution. I highly recommend him.


Mr Ray really knows his field. From the beginning he lets you know what your liability will possibly be and then he works relentlessly to attain that goal. He literally saved me over $300,000 in taxes, penalties and late fees, and thus saved my home. Additionally his fees are reasonable. He treats individuals whom he works with as long time friends, rather than just clients, and he has a great professional relationship with the IRS which takes the stress out of negotiations. Mr. Ray is truly one of the best lawyers I have ever met. I am extremely grateful to him and to the individual who recommended him to me.


The reviews on you don’t do you justice. You have exceeded my wildest expectations. This is a huge weight off of my shoulders. Thank you so much for all that you have done for us.

Emmett Winston Sr.

THANKS to my distinguished attorney that has the ability to help achieve miracles for his clients. You are ahead of the game in the legal field.


After going back and forth with the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue for a couple of years trying to correct an erroneous tax bill, I was hit with a $40,000 levy against one of my bank accounts. At the recommendation of an attorney I had used on another matter, I contacted Charles Ray. He met with me promptly and “got right on the case”. In a matter of days he accomplished what I could not in two years; had the levy released and the account settled. I would highly recommend Attorney Ray if you have any tax matters that need to be resolved.


Mr. Ray is a miracle worker! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service he provided helping to reduce my tax debt. He is a trustworthy, experienced, and friendly attorney that I would recommend to anyone with tax problems. Calling Mr. Ray was the best phone call I ever made. From the moment I made contact with Mr. Ray, he put my IRS fears at rest and true to his word, my IRS debt is now paid in full. Forever grateful!


Great attitude and accessible. Was able to successfully bring my tax burden down significantly. A true expert on federal and Dc taxes


When I initially contacted Mr. Ray I expected the best and was not disappointed. Mr. Ray’s service was prompt, professional, and effective. He is a subject matter expert and I recommend him without hesitation.

Crystal Harrington

Mr. Ray is really a great and a professional attorney that I ever seen. He helped us solved the problems that we struggled with. We will highly recommend him to others in the future.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ray for helping me with my very worrisome IRS and DC tax issues. In my opinion, he handled my case with professionalism and a user-friendly demeanor. Mr. Ray helped to make a very difficult situation proceed smoothly. In the end, he was able to negotiate a satisfactory installment agreement with the IRS that helped to remove an extremely stressful burden from my shoulders. So Mr. Ray thanks once again for your efforts in bringing this matter to a resolution. I certainly could not have gotten through this period of great difficulty without your support and assistance.


“I have to say that Mr. Ray made me feel comfortable and confident in his ability to help me resolve my tax issues. Mr. Ray was also available to answer any questions or concerns I had regarding my case with the IRS. He is a very trustworthy and honest attorney, I would recommend him every time.


Skeptical,at first,that anyone could help us because of the far-reaching powers of the IRS, we turned to Attorney Ray for support and guidance. After meeting with Attorney Ray, time and positive outcomes dismissed our cause for concern and skepticism faded. We are extremely grateful and appreciative to Attorney Ray and his expertise. He helped restore peace, sanity, and sleep to our lives. In addition, the financial and legal outcomes were great, and not painful as we had originally anticipated. Should you need expert assistance with IRS difficulties, consult Attorney Charles Ray.


My non-profit organization received notice of a hefty fine that, we believed, was erroneously assessed. Mr. Ray took our documentation and was able to resolve the issue immediately with the IRS. What a relief! I couldn’t believe how efficient and nice he was.


Charles Ray converted my difficulties with the IRS into a no-problem solution. He helped me document the legitimate tax return that I had filed and successfully defended it in Tax Court against the incorrect complaints of the IRS. He stated his fee up front, lived by it, and handled all interactions with the IRS. I sincerely hope that I will never experience another problem with the IRS – but if I do, I will certainly turn to Charles for help.

Paul R., Washington, D.C.

I received notice from my employer on Wednesday that IRS had garnished my wages. Payday was that Friday. My wife, who is an attorney, and I spoke with 5 other CPA’s and attorneys before we spoke with Charles Ray. After speaking with Charles, we selected him because he took the time to listen to us and told us exactly what he would try to do and how much it would cost. Mr. Ray delivered on everything he promised. He was able to get IRS to release the garnishment, and I received my full regular pay. Charles Ray did a fantastic job for me. I am very pleased. I have hired him again to help me settle all of my tax debts.

Alexandria, Virginia Resident

IRS had issued levy against my bank account and a garnishment of my wages. I turned to Charles Ray for help. He was able to keep IRS from levying my bank account and garnishing my wages. He also worked out an installment payment arrangement for me that I can afford. I recommend Charles Ray for any problem with the IRS.

Duane D., Kensington, MD

After working for years on jobs that never seemed to withhold enough money to pay the taxes I owed at the end of the year, IRS informed me that I owed exorbitant taxes, penalties, and interest that I could not afford to pay. When the IRS started trying to collect what they said I owed, my life became a living hell. While sharing my problem with a person at the subway one day, she recommended a tax attorney by the name of Charles Ray. After a careful, detailed analysis of my case, Mr. Ray helped me settle my case for a fraction of the exorbitant amount IRS was asking for. Today, I consider the woman at the subway to be a friend of mine. I am so pleased with the work of Mr. Ray, I am going to recommend him to you. I believe that not only will you like what he does, but you are going to like me for telling you about him.

J. Hallmon, Washington, D.C.

My organization faced over $100,000 in 941 tax liabilities. The IRS was threatening to levy our corporate assets and personally assess our officers. I contacted Attorney Charles Ray. Through his skillful negotiations, IRS did not levy our assets or hold our officers personally liable for the taxes. Also, he got IRS to abate the penalties, and worked out a favorable payment plan to resolve the taxes owed. We were so pleased with Attorney Ray’s services that we hired him again to handle another tax matter for us.

J. White, Maryland

My company owed the IRS over $194,000 in 941 employment taxes, a good portion of which was assessed against me personally. I contacted Charles Ray for help. He was straightforward and realistic about what he thought he could do for me. The IRS rejected my first Offer In Compromise, but Charles Ray persisted. He got IRS to reconsider the Offer. Because of his tireless, hard work and commitment to helping me solve my tax problems, Charles was able to settle my $194,000 debt for $29,000. I am eternally grateful to Charles Ray. If you have a tax problem, Charles Ray is the person to contact.

F. Gray, Washington, DC